Solve practical, real-world
problems with programming

Spring 2013. Syllabus and lecture slides available below.

Put your CS skills to use by learning to solve practical, real-world problems with programming. Topics include: building a web scraper, applying machine learning techniques with Python, and mastering Git. The classes are designed to be modular in nature, offering students the chance to attend every session or just those they find most interesting. After class, the instructors will be available for a "Hack Hour", during which students will be encouraged to ask questions about personal projects or other programming topics. This course will be most useful to students with basic programming experience in any language, whether it be through COS 126, other non-CS classes, or side projects.

Mondays (starting 3/31) at 8:30 PM. Optional Hack Hour at 9:30 PM. Robertson Bowl 001.

Syllabus & Lecture Slides

Slides will be posted before the start of each class



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